Smartphones and tablets have become the essential mobile tools to have close to you. Why? Well simply because it is possible to achieve many things with these new gadgets very appreciated by the new generation.

There are many examples that we could cite: being able to watch a film, chat, but above all, play online casino has now become possible and very trendy on these latest tools: we even speak in some cases of “mobile casino.”

But beware, not all sites of this kind are “responsive.” And yet, they should be if they want to provide players with an optimal gaming experience on this type of device. Because the screen is shrinking, the experience should always be as exciting.


A website is said to be “responsive” when it has been designed so that the screen resolution is adapted to the mobile device used. We also talk about the adaptive site. In other words, the responsive website is optimized on all the devices that may be available on the market.


Hard to believe, but many players in online casino games use their tablets or mobile phone to play. Thus, having an adaptive site for a casino can only be an asset for the establishment, especially when most of the traffic comes mainly from this type of channel.

Ergonomically speaking, the site is accessible on a mobile phone whatever the resolution, and the images and information will appear as if you were browsing on a computer screen.

Let’s not forget that scrolling the screen horizontally is nothing practical either on a smartphone or on a computer screen. Players can play anytime, anywhere. Bus, metro, taxi, hotel, vacation, or even business trip, players can indulge their passion for play.

Playing online from any connected device has become a breeze. Mobile casinos will be able to attract more French players because they will allow them to play their games of chance, video poker, or even live roulette, away from a PC or away from home.

In a society where connected mobile devices are multiplying, it is therefore essential that the best online casino sites are responsive to retain their customers.

  • You can also play a mobile casino in both fun and real mode.
  • Some casinos offer special mobile casino bonuses to encourage players to join the pace.

Regarding the technical requirements, it doesn’t matter if you have the latest iPhone (4, 3gs, 3g, 2nd generation) or BlackBerry phone. Casinos have made it easier than ever to play from any mobile device, whether it’s on a wireless network or a 3G connection.

Most casinos use Java-based programs because there are mobile phones that don’t support flash like the iPhone. Be aware that mobile casinos are just as secure as doing an online banking transaction using your mobile phone. The connection is encrypted and secure, and you can ensure that no information is sent to the wrong place.

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